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Press releases

Here are some press releases regarding The Box Builder.

The Box Builder: By design

Logo Alabrent The Box builder provides an online structural packaging design tool for corrugated board and folding carton. It is an easy-to-use solution that does not require specialist knowledge, and its wide range of designs can be modified in accordance with the user´s needs.
Modelmaker is a CAD software solution for structural packaging design.

A world first, the system provides an assisted on-line tool that lets you design customized cartonboard boxes and packages without requiring specialist knowledge.

Modelmaker possesses a constantly updated library of standard designs, giving you access to a wide range of designs without having to update your system. These can be modified in accordance with the users´needs by selecting the required parameters.

Modelmaker combines design quality with a user-friendly interface. All users will save time, thus proportionally increasing productivity.

With a simple and intuitive interface that doesn´t require prior training, your designs can be exported on any common format: CF2, PDF, EPS or DXF for any type of corrugated board or folding carton.

Your new designs are securely and confidentially saved so that they can be recovered, used and redesigned as often as you require.

The Box builder is based in Asteasu, Guipúzcoa.

More information on: Alabrent or Servicios Gráficos

The Box Builder provides online graphic desing for packaging boxes

Logo Enpresa Digitala A die board manufacturer from Guipúzcoa, Lasa Trokel, has set up a company that allows packaging boxes to be designed on-line. In spite of the company name, The Box builder, the business is more about an on-line design service, contracted for set periods of time, than selling boxes.

The service is a CAD software solution available on the net without having to install anything on your computer. As well as designing new boxes, Modelmaker lets you make use of 300 previously created designs that are available on its website.

Last year, the company received one of the Enpresa Digitala awards for incorporating new technologies in Basque SMEs. Lasa Trokel now has a new business venture that originally stemmed from the aim of providing the company´s clients with a better service.

More information on: Enpresa Digitala

CAD Software for structural packaging design

The CAD software offered by The Box builder provides you with a structural packaging design solution for corrugated and folding carton.

It is easy to use, does not require specialist knowledge and possesses a wide range of designs which can be modified in accordance with the user´s needs.

The system provides an assisted on-line tool that lets you design customized cartonboard boxes and packages.
More information on: Empaque Performance

2006 innovation award

Premio a la innovación 2006

The main aim of the award is to ptomote increased business competitiveness through the use of new information and communication technologies, while also seeking to supoort new on-line businesses through training and support for professionals in the new economy, all of which is a decisive factor in economic growth. More information ...