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ASP Model

Characteristics of the ASP model

Modelmaker is based on the ASP license model, resulting in huge savings compared to other solutions based on commercial licenses for use.

What is the ASP model based on?

ASP is an acronym for "Application Service Provider". With the ASP model you do not buy the application, but rather the right to use it. That is done through weekly, monthly or annual licenses. With regard to The Box Builder, payments are made monthly for the amount corresponding to the license purchased.

The image shows The Box Builder´s ASP model Contexto del sistema ASP

Contexto del sistema ASP

High technology at the service os SMEs

The Box Builder provides small and medium-sized enterprises with the technology which, due to its high costs, has until now only been at the disposal of large companies.

Advantages of the ASP model

As you don´t purchase the software, it is the ASP that maintains the system and takes charge of providing it with the latest updates, meaning that you don´t have to worry about technical matters such as the capacity of your server etc.
Some advantages of the ASP model:

  • Geographical range: You are not limited by your IT system. You can log in to Modelmaker from anywhere - your home, your clients´ offices, etc.
  • 24/7 Accessibility: The ASP solution lets you log in to the system at any time, 365 days a year.
  • Technical support: All administrative tasks, such as technical problems, are managed and rectified by the ASP, whilst giving you complete transparency.
  • Focus on your objectives: The ASP allows you to focus your effort on your value chain without worrying about technical matters.
  • Cost and resource saving (reduction of the TCO): The ASP is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure necessary to host the application.
    • No initial investment (no investment risk): Avoids the costs of purchasing software licenses for workstations and servers.
    • No installation: Avoids the costs of installation for your company.
    • Reduces the investment on hardware: Avoids the costs of creating and maintaining your own infrastructure. You only need a web browser.
    • Go betweens and distribution channels are eliminated: There is no distribution channel or go between which would increase the cost of the product.
  • Return of Investment (ROI): By taking all of the aforementioned cost savings into account, it is easy to see that the ASP model provides a much faster Return of Investment.
  • High Performance: The ASP takes charge of scaling the system to provide optimal performance.
  • Use with any platform: It can be used with any platform (PC, MAC, Linux, Unix, Solaris, etc.) that possesses a web browser.
  • Facilitates new methods of inter-company cooperation: It opens up new ways of cooperation and information exchange both for existing commercial transactions between the client and the provider and for the company´s internal transactions.

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High Technology


The Box Builder uses a system based on the most advanced servers.