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Who is it aimed at?

Given its ease of use and the fact that prior knowledge of packaging is not required, the range of potencial users is great. Find out who could benefit from using this tool.

Who are the main beneficiaries

Modelmaker does not require prior knowledge of packaging to take full advantages of its capabilities. Its ease of use means that potencial users of the application do not necessarily have to come from the field of packaging. Many of them now possesses a tool with which to provide their clients with a service which was previously unavailable or which often had to be subcontracted.

Algunos posibles usuarios Potencial users include:

  • Companies working with cartonboard and cartonboard packaging manufacturers: Design Department. The best ally to increase production. The variety, quality and simplicity of the standard designs makes it possible to create different designs immediately.
    Sales Department.. Using an Internet connection, it is possible to see all of the designs that meet the specifications of each order. It is also possible to do 3D presentations of orders currently in progress.
    Budget Department. Modelmaker makes it easy to create a box and try out different arrangements on the sheet so that budgets can be drawn up.
  • Marketing agencies: Fast, economical, simple structural design without prior knowledge. An unrivalled option for packaging design. Fully guaranteed packaging design without relying on third parties.
    No large investments, no purchasing or expensive structural design programs.
  • Die Board manufacturers.: Perfectly completed designs so that the production processes go smoothly. These are:
    • Die Board manufacture.
    • Die cutting.
    • Box gluing machines.
    • Packaging of the product by the final client.
  • Freelance: Option of working to design packaging for companies. Offsets a lack of knowledge of structural design, CAD programs and the time to obtain it.
    With Modelmaker you can gather ideas and different options and ultimately create a line of packaging for any product.
  • Many options: Modelmaker is a database on which you can design boxes, save various information and manage and share it with third parties easily and economically, with the assurance that we all share identical information.

New business opportunities

Nuevo puesto trabajo

The Box Builder creates a new job. Small independent companies or organizations, which could not previously provide, due to the cost and lack of specialist knowledge, a packaging design service, can now do so confident in the knowledge that they are doing a professional job. Even those who have had no experience in this field can now provide this type of service.