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Our experience backs us up

The Box Builder was created following years of work aimed, among other things, at using new technologies to provide a solution to the main deficiencies in the industry.

Researching and innovating since 1997

InnovaciónModelmaker is the brand name through which an application for structural box is sold.
The application was developed in the Design Department of our parent company, a die board manufacturer for the Graphic Arts Industry

Our aim of continual improvement and serving our clients led to the idea of creating an application that draws on all the company´s Know-How regarding box design.
An application with the following features:

  • Simple
  • Intuitive
  • Affordable
  • Powerful
  • Versatile
After years of work, research and development, Modelmaker was created in order to meet the needs of companies in the industry.
Modelmaker is the result of 8 years of working closely with our clients, taking their needs on board and developing solutions to deal with their concerns.

The guarantee of over 8 years of work

These 8 years of concerns, questions and answers, problems and solutions, or more simply research and development, represent the application´s quality guarantee.
Thanks to constantly working to take needs on board and develop solutions, Modelmaker, the best Structural Packaging Design tool on the market, has arrived.
Here it is.

A story of continual evolution

Modelmaker is a living application.
If any single feature defines the needs of a modern company it is CONTINUAL EVOLUTION.
Modelmaker was created with this in mind, which is precisely why it was developed using ASP technology.
ASP technology represents a guarantee of evolution for our clients. This evolution applies to both the functions and presentation of the application and to its contents.
The Box Builder´s Design Department´s continual effort gives out clients a cutting edge application. It is impossible for the product to become obsolete due to a lack of updates, resources or hardware, or any other reason.

2006 Innovation award

Premio a la innovación 2006

The main aim of the award is to promote increased business competitiveness through the use of new information and communication technologies, while also seeking to support new on-line businesses through training and support for professionals in the new economy, all of which is a decisive factor in economic growth.
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