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Modelmaker, new CAD Solution for packaging

CAD software for packaging based on ASP licenses, resulting in a dramatic cost saving compared to other solutions.

The greatest cost saving

Modelmaker by The Box Builder guarantees you the greatest cost saving compared to other solutions. The Box builder provides a set of features that cannot currently be found in other CAD solutions for packaging. Its high level of usability completely eliminates the need to train staff in box design and its licensing model, based on ASP (Application Service Provider) reduces the company´s costs, such as TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) while increasing the ROI (Return Of Investment).
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Modelmaker compared to other solutions

Here are some of the features that make Modelmaker the most versatile tool on the market compared to other CAD solutions for packaging. Learn why Modelmaker means a dramatic cost saving compared to other products.
Check out the differences and decide for yourself whether Modelmaker would significantly reduce your costs compared to other solutions.
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Who can use it?

Modelmaker does not require prior knowledge of packaging to take full advantage of its capabilities. Its ease of use means that potential users of the application do not necessarily have to come from the field of packaging. Many of them may now possess a tool with which to provide their clients with a service which was previously unavailable or which often had to be subcontracted.
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Learn more about the ASP model

ASP is an acronym for "Application Service Provider". With the ASP model you do not buy the application, but rather the right to use it. That is done through weekly, monthly or annual licenses. With regard to The Box Builder, payments are made monthly for the amount corresponding to the license purchased.
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2006 Innovation Award

Premio a la innovación 2006

The main aim of the award is to promote increased business competitiveness through the use of a new information and communication technologies, while also seeking to support new on-line businesses through training and support for professionals in the new economy, all of which is a decisive factor in economic growth.
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