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Comparing the best CAD software for packaging

Find out why Modelmaker represents the best investment and what makes it the most versatile CAD solution for packaging which best meets your company´s needs.

Modelmaker compared to the competition

Here are some of the features that make Modelmaker the most versatile tool on the market compared to other CAD solutions for packaging. Learn why Modelmaker means a dramatic cost saving compared to other products.
Check out the differences and decide for yourself whether Modelmaker would significantly reduce your costs compared to other solutions.

Modelmaker VS. other cad solutions for packaging
Description MODELMAKER Other solutions
Available Anytime, Anywhere Total Limited to within your company
Maintenance and updates Continual and free Paid for fixed-term contracts
Operating System PC, MAC, LINUX, UNIX, SOLARIS Only PC
Initial Investment NO Varies from 6.000,00 to 12.000,00 Euros (not counting staff training)
Your resources NO Yes (Hardware depending on your requirements)
Training and qualified staff required NO Yes

Available Anytime, Anywhere: Modelmaker allows you to access the application and all its functions from anywhere with Internet access. You will be able to work from home, show your clients the designs in their own companies, and show them 3D model, whose interactive nature means that you can show them the animation of the assembly process. Furthermore, if your client requests, you will be able to modify the design on the spot, change the material or carry out any action that is available on Modelmaker, simply by using an Internet connection.

Maintenance and updates: With Modelmaker you won´t have to pay for any sort of maintenance. Furthermore, The Box Builder team takes charge of continually updating the software without you having to cover the costly process of updating. Basically, every time you log in to Modelmaker, it will contain the latest updates, clear for you to see. You can forget about signing expensive contracts for maintenance and software updates that provide you with new versions and types of software.

Operating system : Modelmaker is not restricted by the platform you use. You can use it on any computer with Internet access that possesses a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Safari, Opera, etc.).

Initial investment: There is not initial investment with The Box Builder. You simply sign up the application and start to use it immediately. It´s that easy.

Your resources : Modelmaker does not have installation, system maintenance or IT park requirements. The requirements to use Modelmaker are minimal and any computer with a web browser can use Modelmaker.

Training and qualified staff: One of the achievements and most developed aspects of The Box Builder is its usability and ease of use. That´s precisely why Modelmaker can claim to be the only CAD packaging tool that does not require any training for first time users. You can design a box in just 5 minutes. The learning curve is therefore practically non-existent.

Anytime, anywhere

The Box Builder eliminates the geographical barriers imposed by your company´s IT system. Modelmaker is always accessible from anywhere in the world with Internet access. You just have to use your details to log in to the application in order to access all your work and use the application as you would anywhere else.
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