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Organization of the library

Modelmaker gives you the option of accessing the library of standard designs in a structured way. Learn about its organization.

The organization of the library

Modelmaker gives you a completely organized library of standard designs that also has a search facility. The systems of organization of this wide-ranging library of standard designs include organization by box-shape, by box gluing system and by the types of materials available for each box.

Construct your own library of standard designs

Modelmaker gives you the option of constructing your own library with the designs you create and the accessories you create. You can also create a favourites list to give you direct access to the standard designs in the library that you always want to have close at hand.

Organize your and your clients´work

When you design boxes for your clients, Modelmaker allows you to save your work in a structured way, both in clients´folders and in your own library. You can create clients to which you can assign boxes designed, then later access these designs simply by browsing through the folders assigned to each client.

A wide-ranging and continually updated library

The library currently contains over 300 standard designs. Due to the design team´s ongoing extension and improvement work, the library is continually expanding at a rate of around 40 perfectly organized designs per month.


possesses a wide-ranging library of materials available for its standard designs. You can also give a description of the material you require for your design. The two main types of material used are corrugated board and folding carton.
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