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Library of customizable accessories

Our customizable accessories are details that you can customize and later incorporate in your own designs. For example, you could modify a window and later add it to a box.

Library of accessories

The Box Builder possesses a library of customizable accessories that act as small standard designs whose shape and size can be modified. These customizable accessories can be saved in your own library to be used later when designing a box.

For example, imagine that you wish to create a box (a wine box for two bottles) that has two windows to show the labels of each bottle. You can create an accessory with these windows in under 5 minutes, save it in your own library and later, when you are designing the wine box, you can access the accessory and incorporate it in the part of the box you wish. It´s that easy! 2D3D

The ASP model

ASP is the acronym for "Applica-
tion Service Provider"
With the ASP model you do not buy the application, but rather the right to use it. That is done through weekly, monthly or annual licenses. With regard to The Box builder, payments are made monthly for the amount corresponding to the license purchased.
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