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The greatest ROI (Return on Investment)

You have to obtain the maximum return on your investment as soon as possible. Find out why Modelmaker, unlike other solutions, ensures the greatest ROI possible.

Maximum returns in the shortest possible time

No other CAD solution for structural packaging designs on the market gives you so much for so little. Modelmaker is the only software that lets you create top quality designs at the lowest cost. Furthermore, by avoiding the normal costs of purchase, installation, use and maintenance of software (TCO reduction), you will see return on your investment in the shortest possible time.

Calculating ROI

ROI is defined as:
"A general concept referring to Earnings from the Investment of Capital, where the earnings are expressed as a proportion of the outlay".

(Source: The Dictionary of Modern Economics, 4th Edition, The MIT Press, David W. Pearce)

It is usually expressed using the following formula:
ROI=(Benefits/Invested Capital)*100

An ROI less than 100% should therefore never be expected, as that shows that the capital invested will never be offset by the returns. When the ROI is greater than 100% we know that the returns outweigh the capital invested. At that point income becomes profit.
The lower the investment the greater the ROI and the recovery point will be reached sooner.
Modelmaker reduces costs by over 90% compared to other CAD packaging solutions, thus ensuring you a better ROI ratio.

Cost saving

When we buy a software that we intend to use in our companies, we frequently incur costs in buying software licences, installing the software on the company´s IT systems, training specialist staff, and in maintaining and updating software (guarantee extensions).
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