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A significant cost saving

We now explain how Modelmaker will significantly cut our costs.

"Total Cost of Ownership" (TCO) saving

When we buy software that we intend to use in our companies, we frequently incur costs in buying software licenses, installing the software on the company´s IT systems, training specialist staff, and in maintaining and updating software (guarantee extensions).

These costs don´t exist with Modelmaker: rather than purchase the software, you simply pay for its use. It´s not necessary to install any software or train specialist staff to either administer the systemn or use the application. There are no maintenance fees or guaratees to buy.

Reduce your "Total Cost of Ownership" (TCO)

According to several reports by The Gartner Group (, up-front software costs only make up a small percentage of Total Cost of Ownership. Most costs are hidden.

Save over 90% by avoiding hidden costs

With The Box builder´s ASP model, you don´t have to purchase, maintain or update any software or hardware.
Modelmaker´s license price includes everything required to use the application immediately with none of the surprise costs associated with traditional software.
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Return on Investment

No other CAD solution for structural design on the market gives you so much for so little.
Modelmaker is the only solution that lets you create top quality designs at the lowest cost.
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